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Unless noted, all photos by Bob. Sauf indication contraire, toutes les photos sont par Bob.
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  • Beastley Manor cards

    48 photos

    In September 2019, I made 50 of these cards, one of which accompanied the first 50 orders of my album The Gardens of Beastley Manor. Made by tearing and cutting construction paper, with bits snipped from old magazines and catalogues, and a touch of watercolour and ink. I made 50, but somehow missed two of them while taking these photos. If you have one which isn't shown here, I'd be grateful if you could send me a photo to complete the collection!

  • Jardin

    73 photos

    Mon jardin, dan l'Aude.
    My garden in the Aude, France.

  • Sources et Fontaines

    914 photos in 56 sub-albums

  • Cemeteries

    1392 photos in 52 sub-albums

  • Surfaces

    94 photos

    Photos gros plan de la surface de la terre.
    Close-up photos of the Earth's suface.

  • Southwest USA

    165 photos in 3 sub-albums

    Photos taken in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Southern California, 01/2005, 01/2007 and 08/2010.

  • Eglises

    110 photos

    Cathedrals and Churches. Location indicated on each photo page.
    Eglises et Cathedrales. Le lieu est indiqué sur chaque page photo.

  • Sorry, we're CLOSED

    33 photos

    Sorry, we're CLOSED.

  • Bob's Drive-In concert, 28/05/11

    59 photos in 2 sub-albums

    Photos of the concert at La Borde Basse on 28 May 2011, recorded live for my Bob's Drive-In album.
    Photos du concert chez moi qui a été enregistré en direct pour le Bob's Drive-In album, 28/05/11.

  • Uncategorized

    85 photos

  • Bob Through The Ages

    56 photos

    Photos of me me me: performing, recording, and so on throughout the Ages.

  • Rockette Bob's Art Cars.

    97 photos

    Some of Rockette Bob's art cars, Goldfield Nevada. Photographed 08/2010.

  • Apparatus

    131 photos

    Technical drawings and photos scanned from old books which I find in forgotten corners of junk shops.
    Dessins techniques et photos que je numériser à partir de vieux livres, que je déterrer des étagères oubliées de brocantes.

  • Advertissements

    66 photos

    Advertisements which I've scanned from books and magazines dating from the late 1800's-early 1900's.
    Publicités que j'ai scanné des livres et des magazines datant de la fin des années 1800 au début des années 1900.

  • Musee de l'Imaginaire

    264 photos

    Photos taken between 2000-2006 by Bob Drake and Maggie Thomas, of Raymond Dreux's Musee de l'Imaginaire.
    Photos prises entre 2000-2006 par Bob Drake et Maggie Thomas, au Musée de l'Imaginaire de Raymond Dreux

  • Cartes Postales

    178 photos

    Cartes postales anciennes que j'ai scannés, de la collection de Raymond Dreux
    Old postcards which I have scanned, from the collection of Raymond Dreux.

  • Electric Poles and Towers (1916)

    39 photos

    I love the lonesome, dreary, slightly ominous aspect of these old photos, which somehow seem to illustrate the dream of the "March of Industry", already dilapidated and un-human, across the land.

    J'aime l'aspect solitaire, triste, et un peu inquiétant de ces vieilles photos, qui semblent en quelque sorte d'illustrer le rêve de la "Marche de l'Industrie", déjà sur le déclin et non-humaine, à travers le pays.

    Scanned from Poles and Tower Lines (1916) by R.D. Coombs.