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November 1999 at DZMPin Krsko, Slovenia, playing with AA Kismet. We were on tour that winter and on the day of this show there was a severe winter storm; we barely made it to the gig...sliding all over the treacherous mountain roads with chains on the tires. As a result of the heavy blizzard conditions (not to mention the fact that nobody on earth besides ourselves had ever heard of us) nobody came to the show, so we played to the 4 or 5 people who worked there and we all had an excellent time! The show was broadcast live on the internet, which still a very new and exciting thing to do back then. We ended up stranded here for two days because of the snow. AA Kismet was: Eveline Ketterings on vocals and occasional abuse of various instruments, me on bass and voice, Lukas Simonis on guitar and voice, and Cor Hoogerdijk on drums and voice. A great but short-lived band!